2019 Season Lawn Care Services for Town of Dalton Cemeteries and Municipal Properties shall include the following:


Dalton Cemetery Properties:

Spring clean-up of all cemeteries

Mowing and trimming up keep of all cemeteries for a clean appearance

Fall clean-up of all cemeteries at end of season (1st official snow fall or October 31st, whichever comes first)

Dalton Municipal Properties: Municipal Building, Old Town Hall and Fire Station

Mowing of all lawn areas

Trimming lawn edges

Picking up of all trash and debris

Blowing all trimmings off the walkways and pavement for a clean, crisp look

Bid accepted in sealed envelopes marked mowing bid until April 22, 2019 at Dalton Town Office.  Address 756 Dalton Road, Dalton NH 03598


2019 Mowing Job Description