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Dalton Admin Assistant
Town of Dalton, New Hampshire ®2009
The Town of Dalton is an equal opportunity provider, and employer.
PA-28 2014 Property Inventory Form
A-10 Application for Current Use Form
DP-8 The Low and Moderate Homeowners Property Tax Relief Form
PA-29 Permanent Application for Property Tax Credit/Exemptions (Rev. 03/2013)
PA-30 Elderly and Disabled Tax Deferral Application (Rev. 03/06/2013)
PA-33 Statement of Qualification - (Life Estate/Trusts must be filed with PA-29) (Rev. 01/2011)
PA-65 Alternate Assessment Election Form Low Income Housing Tax Credit Properties
PA-7 Intent to Cut Wood or Timber Form
PA-38 Notice of Intent to Excavate Form
Town of Dalton
New Hampshire