“Dalton offers breathtaking scenic views, a quaint village with historic church and Town Hall, Forest Lake State Park and old farmhouses surrounded by stonewalls, giving the passerby just a hint of the past.” ~ Dalton Historical Society

Dalton Town Notices

2023 Property Revaluation Report

What is the Revaluation Process?  Cyclical revaluation is a measure and list of all municipal properties within a three to five-year time period. Property assessments will be updated during the last year of measuring and listing property data, including the verification of all municipal market sales. This is the fastest growing revaluation work in New Hampshire and IS considered a Full revaluation once the entire process is complete.

Why do we do the Revaluation Process?  Besides the constitutional and statutory requirements, there are many beneficial aspects to
completing a revaluation. The nature of the value of real estate is that values change, and the reality is it rarely changes for every property type at the same rate or for the same reasons. Basic fairness in property taxation requires that everyone pays based on the value of their property, and the revaluation resets all property to market value. Also, this being a human activity, it is prone to errors. A revaluation provides the opportunity to correct these errors. There may also be valuable property that has not been included, either through omission from inventory forms, or the completion of non-permitted work. The collection of these additional features of property increases
the accuracy of the total value of a municipality and will reduce the tax burden on all taxpayers and abatement requests.

How does a revaluation affect property taxes?  A common misconception among property owners is that after a revaluation is that their increased tax assessment value will automatically result in increased property taxes.  This is simply not true. Property taxes are determined proportionally. As long as the entire community saw values rise by the same proportion, then each property still has the same proportion of value relative to every other piece of property in the municipality.

For example, a town has a budget of $10,000 and two properties in town. Each of the two properties pay $5,000 in property tax based on a $250,000 assessed value of each property.

After the 5-year revaluation, both properties are now assessed at $275,000. The town still has a budget of $10,000. The town budget does not increase merely because the value of the properties in town increased. The town still needs to raise $10,000, as such, the town would still raise $5,000 from each property.

Please do not apply the current tax rate to your new assessment as it will not be correct. Once the new rate is set, we will make it available to you.

Information provided to you was taken from New Hampshire Dept. of Revenue and NH Municipal.

Municipal Building Maintenance Committee

During the July 24, 2023 Select Board Meeting, there was open discussion on the condition of our Municipal Building and the maintenance that has been deferred in years past. There is a long list of items that we must address and we have taken names for people interested in being on a committee to review, prioritize, and pursue the completion of these items in order to maintain our building, or decide if it’s time to build a new one in the years to come.  Watch for more information on meetings and let us know if you have a background in construction, engineering, etc. and are interested in serving your community in this capacity by emailing townadmin@townofdalton.com.  The March 2022 Building Inspection Report can be found here.

Meetings to take place alternating Monday’s at 5:30pm starting September 11, 2023, in the Select Board Meeting Room.

Please note: Select Board members will be in attendance at these meetings.  This is considered notice of Board attendance.

Our NEW Town of Dalton Interactive Mapping System is now LIVE!

We look forward to our residents’ contributions on providing accurate information in our new system. If you notice something is not accurate or is missing, please send an email to our Town Administrator so it can be corrected.  AxisGIS System

The Committee for Crime and Public Safety

The committee is meeting on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at the Municipal Building at 6:30pm.  All are welcome to contribute to the discussion on Dalton’s current and future police and public safety strategy.

Please email townadmin@townofdalton.com if you’re interested in joining the committee. Please note, joining the committee is NOT required to attend and contribute at meetings.  Meeting Minutes can be found on our Police Station Page or by clicking here

This Committee will have an additional meeting this Thursday, September 28, 2023.

Please note: Select Board members will be in attendance at these meetings.  This is considered notice of Board attendance.

The Select Board Office will be closed the following Wednesdays for training:

  • September 13th
  • September  20th
  • September 27th
  • October 18th
  • October 25th

Please plan your visits accordingly.

Thank you!

Eversource Transmission Line Rebuild Project Information

Update to the Eversource Beebe River to Whitefield Transmission Line Project

State Police Non-Emergency Contact Information: Email TroopF@dos.nh.gov

Phone number – (603) 846-3333

INFORMATION from your FIRE/EMS Department on the Covid-19 Virus:

SELECT BOARD:  (Review Select Board minutes)

  • SELECT BOARD MEETINGS – 6:30pm in Municipal Building (unless otherwise noted)
    • September 7, 2023 – Attendance at the Crime & Public Safety Meeting @ 6:30pm
    • September 11, 2023 – Working Session
    • September 18, 2023
    • September 25, 2023 – Working Session
    • September 28, 2023 – Attendance at the Crime & Public Safety Meeting @ 6:30pm
    • October 2, 2023
    • October 5, 2023 – Attendance at the Crime & Public Safety Meeting @ 6:30pm
    • October 9, 2023 – Working Session (Tentative)
    • October 16, 2023
    • October 23, 2023 – Working Session (Tentative)
    • October 26, 2023 – Attendance at the Crime & Public Safety Meeting @ 6:30pm
    • October 30, 20223
    • November 6, 2023 – Working Session (Tentative)
    • November 13, 2023
    • November 20, 2023 – Working Session (Tentative)
    • November 27, 2023
    • December 4, 2023 – Working Session (Tentative)
    • December 11, 2023
    • December 18, 2023 – Working Session (Tentative)
  • CONSERVATION COMMISSION: 3rd Tuesday of the month @ 6:30pm as their regularly scheduled meeting.
  • PLANNING BOARD MEETINGS: 1st Wednesday of the month as their regularly scheduled meeting.
      • All meetings are open to the public, are held at the Dalton Municipal Office Building and start at 7:00 PM.