Dalton Cemetery Policies – Important Information

Memorials / Monuments / Decorations

  • One above ground monument such as a headstone or gravestone per burial site is allowed. Placement shall be at the head of the lot and shall not be placed on top of a burial vault. Other permanent markers such as corner stones, foot stones and memorial plaques may be placed on a lot providing the top surface is flush with ground level.
  • Above ground memorial placements shall be aligned and consistent with the placement of other memorials. Prior to location of a memorial, approval of the Sexton is recommended.
  • All other decorative items shall be placed within the lot so as not to interfere with normal ground maintenance. Any items deemed inappropriate or hazardous by the Cemetery Trustess shall be removed by the lot owner upon the Trustees’ request.
  • Decorative items will be removed by order of the Cemetery Trustees each spring in preparation for annual ground maintenance.
  • Memorial repair shall be the responsibility of the individual lot owners.


  • No trees of any kind shall be planted in any part of any cemetery. Shrubbery shall be kept to a maximum of four feet in height and kept within the boundaries of the individual lot. Flowers, plants and shrubs may be planted at the owner’s risk of damage from normal maintenance procedures.
  • No loose decorative stones of any kind are allowed.
  • Care of all vegetation, except the grass, is the sole responsibility of the lot owner. Any vegetation deemed unkempt or in violation of this policy may be removed by the order of the Cemetery Trustees at any time.

Complete Town of Dalton Cemetery Policy –Dalton Cemetery Policy

Photos used with permission by Cathleen Fountain.