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Coming Soon:  Dalton BioBlitz 2023!

Have you ever participated in a “BioBlitz”? Well, get ready, because the Dalton Conservation Commission is planning to hold one in Dalton during the upcoming 2023 spring growing season! We’re looking for teams of 2 to get out and find a natural place within the town borders (on public land, David Dana Forest, Forest Lake State Park Forest, your own land, or elsewhere, with the landowner’s permission) and record as many different species as they can find and catalog them! Stay tuned!

What is a BioBlitz How is it helpful to an ecosystem?

A BioBlitz is a biological survey that aims to record all the living species within a designated area. Groups of scientists, naturalists, Master Gardeners, and volunteers conduct an intensive field study and explore hands-on science over an entire day.

Have you ever been to the 301-acre David Dana Forest?

The 397-acre Forest Lake State Park Forest has a group of volunteers working on a trail system with NH Parks!…/forest-lake-state-park

Lots of great, natural wonders to explore, right here in our own backyard!

2006 Functional Assessment of Wetlands throughout Dalton, NH

Conservation Options for Landowners FAQ


Dalton Conservation Commission meets the 3rd Tuesday of the month

All meetings will be held at Town Hall @6:30 PM, all welcome, Covid-19 precautions are recommended.

*The Dalton Conservation Commission requests that questions from the public be submitted to the DCC email address below in order to ensure content accuracy in response, and to save time during public meetings.

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Dalton Conservation Commission

  • Jon Swan, Chairman, Term Expires January 2026
  • Nancy Comeau, Vice Chair, Term Expires January 2026
  • Ernie Hannaford, Term Expires January 2024
  • TBD, Select Board Liaison
  • Miriam Caldwell,  Term Expires January 2026
  • Ruth Duval,  Term Expires January 2024
  • Michael Carrier, 1st Alternate
  • 2nd Alternate, Open

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